SLIPO Workbench evaluated by QROWD

The user-friendliness and efficiency of the SLIPO Workbench will be evaluated by the QROWD project during the implementation of its Touristic Network’s use case.

QROWD is an H2020 project promoting the collection of Big Data using active community input and crowdsourcing. Developed in QROWD, the Touristic Network app aims to inform visitors about the optimal route to drive to ski resorts in Trentino, a province in the alpine region of northern Italy. This information can be shared by displaying on the app a dynamic visualisation showing how much time is needed to reach any open ski resort, regardless of where the app’s users are coming from. The app will also visualise POIs located within and around the ski resorts to inform users about available services which can be found at proximity of the ski resorts.

Providing detailed information about available services is indeed one of the use case’s biggest challenges since POIs from various open and crowdsourced sources need to be collated to enhance available information. This data integration will be performed using the SLIPO Workbench, and applying assets from TomTom, Ski Ropeway and Ski Slopes, effectively addressing their heterogeneity in terms of structure and semantic to produce more rich and timely POIs for users.

The SLIPO team is happy to support QCROWD in this endeavor, further expanding the reach of SLIPO’s offerings along the geospatial value chain.