2nd PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp in Athens

Several months passed since the first PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp where both developers and data publishers were present to get informed about the scope of the PublicaMundi project and the technologies designed in its context. The participants also tried the developed functionality (User Interface/ Web Services/ APIs) and provided comments and suggestions to the PublicaMundi developers.

Utilizing this precious feedback the project’s consortium was able to improve its software and fine-tune it to the stakeholders’ needs.

Now as the software components have been more mature we need your help to reassess their effectiveness, performance, completeness and ease of use.

The 2nd PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp is the event where developers and data publishers will be invited to tell us what you think:

  • Developers: If you use open geospatial data to create mashups and mobile applications, please join us, try our services and API’s (Data and Mapping APIs) and see how our work enables you. Your remarks and suggestion will be most welcome.
  • Data Publishers: If you are an employee of the broader public sector  or even an NGO and you are somehow involved in the open spatial data publishing lifecycle, please come and try our approach and tell us how this makes your work easier. We will provide training sessions, training material, we will help you register your own organization and publish your own datasets.

The number of seats will be limited so we urge you to register as soon as possible. You will receive a confirmation e-mail by 7th of September.

Please remember to bring your own laptop!

The 2nd PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp will be organized in the premises of INNOVATHENS, the Cluster of Innovation and Entrepreneurship established by the City of Athens.