PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp at Jacobs

The “PublicaMundi GeoDataCamp Bremen” was held inaugurally on October 14 at Jacobs University Bremen (Germany), making researchers and data publishers familiar with the PublicaMundi platform. The event consisted of a series of presentations introducing the features of the geo-enabled CKAN based software and the connection to the OGC services, offered by rasdaman.

Participants also had the chance of interacting with a live full demonstration of the PublicaMundi software, starting from publishing data under various metadata schemes (such as INSPIRE and ISO), and continuing into complex mapping visualizations and on-the fly processing of ingested data. Valuable discussions have arisen from the presentations and feedback for future improvements was collected.

The majority of the audience consisted of researchers in Geo and Planetary Sciences that were able to validate the strong capabilities of the platform in terms of publishing and managing their datasets. The presentation started with a general introduction to the goals of the PublicaMundi project: publish, share and reuse open geodata. It continued with a description of the underlying software and architecture that power the platform in order to achieve these goals: CKAN, pycsw, ZOO-Project, rasdaman, geoserver etc. Next, individual features of the platforms have been presented and demonstrated, with emphasis on the Mapping and Data APIs. The final part of the presentation was dedicated to showcasing the OGC services offered through the PublicaMundi platform and their importance in interoperability and common infrastructure development.