rasdamanRASDAMAN is a high-tech SME (rasdaman.com) and research spin-off specialized on Big Raster Analytics, centered around the first and leading Array Database, rasdaman (an OSGeo incubation project). The rasdaman technology, developed over a series of EU FPx and ESA projects, provides fast, scalable, flexible and open standards based analytics on multi-dimensional raster data in Earth, Life, Space science and engineering. In close cooperation with Jacobs University it transforms leading-edge research results into marketable innovative products. More…

Key Personnel

Dr. Peter Baumann is founder, owner, and CEO of rasdaman GmbH. He has ample knowledge in the production of industry-strength program code, and extensive skills in project management. At Jacobs University Bremen he is Professor of Computer Science and head of the Large Scale Scientific Information Systems Research Group. He has authored and co-authored 100+ book chapters and papers on raster databases and further fields, and holds international patents on array databases. In OGC, he is leading the raster-relevant working groups and is editor of the coverage and WCS standards suite. Further standardization activities include work on an ISO standard on Array SQL and liaising with INSPIRE as an external expert and OGC standards writer.

Dimitar Misev, holding a BSc in Computer Science, is a core architect and developer on rasdaman since several years now, with a deep understanding of the system and its applications in geospatial services.