What is PublicaMundi?

A Geospatial Data Infrastructure, handling the entire lifecycle of geospatial data sharing, discovery, use, and reuse

  • Simple to use for everyone
  • Automates data handling and service provision
  • Big Data-ready
  • Cloud-based, scalable, and cost effective (PaaS/SaaS)
  • Versatile, multi-purpose, and future proof
  • Open in its heart (open source, open standards, open services)


 What is your need?

  • Need to publish open data? PublicaMundi is based on CKAN, the leading open data catalogue
  • Already publish open data? Install the PublicaMundi extension and get advanced geospatial capabilities
  • Need a Spatial Data Infrastructure? PublicaMundi offers full INSPIRE, ISO and OGC compliance
  • Already have a Spatial Data Infrastructure? PublicaMundi can repurpose its data and services, multiplying the value of your investment
  • Need to provide Web Maps? Beautiful, scalable and automated Web Maps for the Web and mobile
  • Want to offer value added services? Powerful JavaScript  Data and Mapping APIs for building Web and Mobile apps


For the Public Sector

PublicaMundi provides de facto compliance with INSPIRE, OGC, and Open Data policies. It is extremely versatile and can handle multiple roles for your organization. You can always start small and grow later according to your needs. Roles supported (all available out of the box)

  • Open Data Catalogue (CKAN-based)
  • Geospatial Data Catalogue (pycsw & CKAN)
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (GeoServer, ZOO-Project, PostGIS, rasdaman)
  • Web GIS (OpenLayers, Leaflet)
  • Data Analytics
  • Data as a Service (APIs for citizens, private and public sector)


 For the Private Sector

PublicaMundi enables you to harness powerful tools developed for open data publishing and apply them for your own needs.

  • Publish your open data; compliant with EC and worldwide data publishing standards
  • Offer commercial value added services from open and/or your proprietary data; Monetize services based on your expertise and data
  • Intra-organizational data sharing and collaboration; De facto data sharing between people and systems
  • Low-cost and interoperable Geospatial infrastructure; Geospatial Database (vector and raster), full Web GIS, catalogue server, Desktop GIS compatible, raster data analytics


Data Publishing

Easily publish any kind of geospatial data

  • No need to transform or change the CRS
  • Provide as little or as much metadata you want
  • Data automatically available in maps and services
  • On demand transform and download for users
  • Manage the life-cycle of your data
  • Harvest existing GIS, SDIs or catalogues


Robust and future-proof metadata management

  • Integrated metadata editor and validator
  • Full support for geospatial metadata standards (and non-geospatial)
  • Easy programmatic support for new standards
  • On demand transformation in other standards


Your data ingested in PostGIS (vector) or rasdaman (raster) and automatically available

  • OGC services (WFS, WMS, …)
  • JavaScript Data and Mapping APIs
  • Interactive Maps
  • On demand (subset, format, CRS)