PublicaMundi extends and integrates leading open source software for open data publishing and geospatial data management. Consequently, all of our contributions will also be available with an open source license and eventually be integrated in software millions of developers worldwide use everyday.

Please check our github page where all of our software will be released. Feel free to download, experiment, use, give us feedback. Also, join us in the development if you want to contribute!

GitHub OctocatPublicaMundi @ GitHub
    Manage the beta deployment of PublicaMundi on
  • MappingAPI
  • zoo-project
    ZOO is a WPS (Web Processing Service) open source project released under a MIT/X-11 style license . It provides an OGC WPS compliant developer-friendly framework to create and chain WPS Web services. This repo is a mirror of the project SVN.
  • ckanext-publicamundi
    PublicaMundi main CKAN extension
  • ckanext-harvest
    Remote harvesting extension for CKAN

In PublicaMundi we will contribute in the following open source projects:


CKAN, a data content management system, supporting open data catalogues across the globe


rasdaman, an exascale raster analytics server, providing fast, scalable, flexible web-based big data analysis services for geospatial data



ZOO-Project, a developer-friendly framework to create, manage, chain, and execute Web Processing Services (WPS). ZOO-Project in OSGeo Project in incubation



PyCSW, a blazing fast catalogue server for geospatial data. PyCSW is an OGC reference implementation and an OSGeo Project in Incubation



GeoServer, a comprehensive server for sharing  and editing geospatial data. GeoServer is an OGC reference implementation and an OSGeo project



OpenLayers, a flexible JavaScript framework for dynamic Web mapping. OpenLayers is an OSGeo project and powers most open web mapping services



Leaflet, an extremely lightweight JavaScript library mobile-friendly interactive maps. Leaflet powers an ever growing community of applications