SLIPO extends and integrates leading open source software for semantic integration of geospatial data, aiming to develop effective, efficient and scalable tools for POI integration and enrichment.

Please check our github page where all of our software is released. Feel free to download, experiment, use, give us feedback. Also, join us in the development if you want to contribute!

  • Sparqlify, a SPARQL-SQL query rewriter that allows the definition of RDF views, enabling SPARQL queries on relational databases, serving as a SPARQL endpoint for billions of virtual triples.
  • TripleGeo, an ETL utility that can extract geospatial features from various formats/sources and transform them into RDF triples. It copes with most common spatial data types and supports on-the-fly transformations between different CRSs.
  • LIMES, the current state of the art solution for interlinking RDF data. LIMES takes into account string similarity between conventional properties and geospatial distances between entities to identify links. By applying sophisticated space tiling and filtering techniques, it is by orders of magnitude the fastest interlinking framework.
  • FAGI, the only framework that supports fusion of geospatial Linked Data. It implements a wide range of fusion actions both on spatial properties of the entities and on non-spatial metadata. It supports batch fusion actions, automatic classification of fused entities using OSM categories, and provides a map based UI.
  • DEER, a data enrichment framework that applies enrichment functions and operators to discover implicit or explicit references of entities to external datasets. This way, it allows the enrichment of a dataset’s entities from several other data sources. DEER provides facilities for manual and automatic enrichment.
  • OSMRec, a framework for the semantic enrichment and classification of geospatial entities. It trains classification models on OSM data and uses them to recommend OSM categories for newly created entities. It realizes a command line utility, as well as a plugin JOSM editing tool for OSM.
  • SANSA, a distributed in memory framework for RDF, based on Apache Spark, which provides scalable inference and analytics capabilities for Linked Data, including spatiotemporal analytics functionality.