Integration of enriched POIs in QROWD

The SLIPO Workbench was used in the research project QROWD to provide integrated and enriched POI information from a variety of sources, for every ski resort in Trentino, Italy, to guarantee the accuracy and usefulness of the available services.

Using the SLIPO Workbench, three datasets with different formats were transformed into RDF, interlinked by spatial dimensions of the entities, names, and addresses and fused.


As a result, the quantity as well as the quality of features in the obtained dataset were significantly increased.


This enriched dataset was integrated into the Touristic Network prototype developed by QROWD, providing additional and more accurate information to drivers on available services around the ski resorts. Based on this information, drivers are routed to the most suitable ski resort, avoiding traffic jams and discovering services according matching their preferences and needs, thus improving their travel experience.